An Evening with Heather Webinar: Developmental Trauma (1 hr 40 min)

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An Evening with Heather: "Developmental Trauma"

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Defining Developmental Trauma
Exposure to trauma during the most critical developmental years of a child’s life can have a profound and life-long impact. All too often, children with traumatic histories do not meet the typical developmental milestones but unfortunately, it goes undetected. It simply looks like a child being disrespectful, forgetful, disobedient, or worse. 

Development and Complex Trauma
So many of our children’s histories are plagued with multiple layers of chronic and prolonged abuse, abandonment, and/or neglect. There is nothing simple about it. The result is “Complex Trauma” and from a parenting perspective, the multiple challenges faced on a day-in-and-day-out basis can be overwhelming. This webinar will break down the complexity of our children’s issues and explain why our children do the things they do. There really is a logical reason, most of which comes from looking at it from a developmental perspective.

Developmental Deficits
This webinar will look at the different levels of development that are compromised due to experiencing trauma during the critical periods of childhood. These include cognitive, language, academic, physical, social, and emotional development. An explanation of each of these areas and how trauma skews each area will be discussed. More importantly, solutions to help your child overcome these developmental deficits will be given.

Healing Strategies
For many children, it is not solely an attachment/relationship issue, it is a brain issue that stems back to an erratic developmental history. Strategies and solutions for helping our children rebuild the areas of their development that are deficient will be given. With the right interventions, many of which can be done within the home between the parent and child, we can rewire a child’s brain! It is possible to help our children heal and reach their highest potential. Join Heather Forbes for this webinar to find out how.

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