An Evening with Heather Webinar: Giving Your Children Their Story (106 min)

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An Evening with Heather - "Giving Your Children Their Story" 

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Sharing your child’s trauma story can be an emotionally challenging event.  It requires you to tap into the depths of your soul to absorb the pain, anguish, and powerlessness your child went through. Yet, this is a vital part of your child’s healing process and it is a “must” on the track to building trust and strong relationships.

The 7 Golden Rules of Story Telling
This webinar will discuss “how” to do this not only from a cognitive and logistical standpoint, but from an emotional and feeling perspective.  Heather will discuss the “7 Golden Rules of Story Telling” so that you have clear and concise guidelines on how to give your children their story in the most effective and healing way possible!

Benefits of Giving Their Story
Trauma is stored in fragments within the memory system. Pieces of memory here and pieces of memory there can create confusion and conflict for children who have experienced trauma. By giving them the time-line of events (even if you do not have all the details due to a lack of records and information available), the child can start “making sense” of his/her history through the story telling. This will help your child in the process of sorting through the reality and the magical thinking to help gorund your child, thus paving the way for long-term healing.

Story Telling Techniques
There are several ways to deliver to your child his/her healing story. Heather will discuss these various modalities so that you have can make an informed decision on which way would best suit your child.

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