An Evening with Heather Webinar: Staying Regulated Though the F-Bombs (102 min)

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An Evening with Heather: Staying Regulated Through the F-Bombs 

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Mount St. Helens
Does your child have a way of awakening a part of you that you didn't know existed? Do you find yourself emotionally hijacked when your child's behaviors are off the scale? Have you found yourself erupting internally like Mount St. Helens? In this webinar, Heather will explain what happens to parents under an incredible amount of stress as they raise a child impacted by trauma. Heather knows from personal experience what it feels like to go from a loving, engaged, and fun parent to a raging monster in 0.2 seconds. This type of dynamic is unnerving and it can make a parent feel as if they have completely lost their mind.

Epic Failures in the Past
Learning how to calm yourself as a parent isn’t as easy as waking up and saying, “Today, I’m going to be the epitome of love. I’m going to be patient, kind, loving, empathetic, and the parent I was designed to be.” The reality is that within a few short minutes, when your child starts dropping F-bombs, disrespecting you, or resisting your nicest and most loving parenting directives, you completely lose it. Our children have a way of hitting a deep nerve within us and we literally get emotionally hijacked.  Afterwards, we feel as if we should have done better, we shouldn’t have yelled, we should have stayed calm, we should have been the adult. In short, we feel like failures; and it is a HORRIBLE feeling.

The Proverbial Hamster in the Wheel
During this live webinar, Heather will give you ways to get out of this repeating, proverbial hamster in the wheel, pattern of reactivity. There is a way to do this and she will present the science of how to break these old neurological pathways. This webinar will give you concrete and proven ways to create new patterns and new ways of responding that will free you from the bondage of reactivity you have experienced in the past.

To Be Greater Than Your Environment
Thinking beyond your daily struggles can be incredibly challenging when under an intense amount of stress. Simply getting out of bed and getting your children to school may be all you feel like you can do, so you live moment by moment, hoping everything doesn’t fall apart at the seams. Current neuroscience tells us that our external environment activates our brain circuits. The key to not activating these negative and reactive brain circuits comes in living beyond the present reality. Sound a bit "granola" to you? It’s all good…come join Heather as she discusses how you can put into motion the ability to not let the environment control you any more, how to heal past wounds that keep rearing their ugliness, and how to be the parent you really want to be!

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