An Evening with Heather Webinar: Surviving School Meetings (90 min MP3)

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An Evening with Heather: "6 Critical Steps To Surviving School Meetings"

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The Dreaded School Meetings
Unfortunately, getting your child's school to provide the resources he/she not only needs, but absolutely deserves, can turn into a war of the wills. All too often, parents leave school meetings feeling powerless, out-numbered, and unheard. Whether it be a parent-teacher conference, disciplinary meeting, or an IEP, the dynamics are often described as confrontational, one-sided, and emotionally exhausting.

6 Critical Steps
In this webinar, we will be discussing six critical steps to prepare yourself for these meetings. It takes being strong, empowered, and objective without crossing the line of being aggressive, emotional, or reactive. This is especially difficult to do when it involves your child and the fundamental right your child has to a fair and equal educational experience.

BONUS: We will hear from a parent who went all the way to court, not once but twice, to get what her child needed. She will discuss her story and how these six critical steps were the key to her success.

Refining Your Delivery
This webinar will give you "what to do" and "how to prepare" for a school meeting such as an IEP, but we will also discuss the importance of your delivery--the way in which you present yourself and interact at these meetings. While it can take the tenacity of a bulldog, advocating in a bulldog fashion is absolutely detrimental!

Learn how to take the higher road of love while remaining strong as you advocate, hold the line against a system that tries to eat you alive, while maintaining your sense of dignity and self-acceptance.

Making sure your children are provided the accommodations and services they need in school is one of the greatest gifts you can give to them. Sign up now so you are absolutely prepared!

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