An Evening with Heather Webinar: The Trauma-Sensitive Classroom (120 min)

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An Evening with Heather: The Trauma-Sensitive Classroom 

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Trauma Impacts Learning 
Many students entering school everyday have a history of childhood trauma or they are coming out of a traumatizing home environment, or both. Stress at the level of trauma profoundly impacts a child’s ability to learn, process, retain, and retrieve information. Creating a classroom environment for these students does not always mean it has to be a “special classroom.” On the contrary, a trauma-sensitive classroom can enhance the academic learning for ALL students.This webinar will show you exactly how this can be done. 

Behavioral Issue vs. Regulatory Issue
Traditionally, children with behavioral issues have been seen as children who just need to make a better choice or who need more positive motivators to perform or “get back in line.” However, the issue goes far beyond behavior. Behavior is only a symptom of what is driving a student’s inability to conform to the rules and to learn. This webinar will explain what it means to address challenging students from a regulatory framework and how to effectively help them long-term.

"Cobwebs in My Brain"
The typical demands placed on all students in the classroom can be taxing. Yet for children with trauma, these demands can quickly become overwhelming to the point they literally cannot think. As one student put it, “It feels like I have cobwebs in my brain!” A trauma-sensitive classroom focuses on reducing the level of stress and helping children learn how to handle stress in order to achieve academic learning.Techniques, tips, and suggestions will be given during this webinar on how to help students regulate and how to decrease stress levels. 

Social and Emotional vs. Academic Learning
Most schools focus solely on academic learning in an attempt to boost test scores and academic achievement. While this may seem like the most effective approach to improved academics, it is one of the worst ways for children with trauma in their systems. Supporting children socially and emotionally first is the key to academic improvement. This webinar will give easy ways to do this with hands-on tools.

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