Surviving the Holidays (OnDemand)

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An Evening with Heather: Surviving the Holidays 

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In-Laws and Outlaws 
Children with developmental trauma act out in ways that are far from the "norm" and it requires a parenting approach that swings to the opposite side of traditional parenting. These two realities can create immense conflict and tension with extended family members who just "don't get it." No matter how much time you take to explain how your children are different, do you still find yourself frustrated and stressed during family visits over the holidays? Join Heather in this webinar as she offers ways to deal with your in-laws (and outlaws) this coming holiday season.  

"Happy" Stress 
With the holidays comes an array of out-of-the-ordinary activities such as baking cookies, attending parties, buying and opening presents, and being offered candy galore. While these are what make the holidays great, these fun activities are also stressful activities because they require social interactions, going to new places, and stepping out of a predictable routine. The body's stress response system will become tuned up and activated whether it experiences "bad" stress or "happy" stress. In this webinar, Heather will discuss strategies to reduce both kinds of stress so you can stay regulated and make this holiday one of the best ever. 

Change Equals Pain 
Traumatic experiences happen by surprise...they are a change from a child's normal routine. Thus, children believe from that point forward, in an effort to prepare themselves for future painful events, that any change will be bad. During the holidays, when the normal routine is interrupted, this fear-based perception prevails. Children become easily dysregulated and overwhelmed which then manifests into negative behaviors. Very quickly...BOOM!...your holiday time turns into chaos. Heather will discuss ways you can create structure outside of your normal routine and how to minimize the level of overwhelm during this holiday season. Join her for this informative and holiday-saving event!

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