Unfinished Business of Trauma (OnDemand)

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An Evening with Heather: "Finishing the Unfinished Business of Trauma"

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When Calming Down Isn't an Option
One of the best ways to help a child who is struggling with an overabundance of stress is to help the child calm down. However, there are certain times when calming down simply is not an option. Some children's stress response systems are so activated and overloaded that they need outlets to be able to release and discharge their stress instead of being expected to calm down.

Let the Tiger Roar!
Instead of seeing your child as acting out or being "bad," the shift comes in seeing that in these difficult moments, your child is most likely discharging past trauma. Instead of focusing on getting the child to calm down, these are the moments of healing that need to be embraced and maximized—the magic happens in letting the "tiger roar!" Squelching and stopping the release of this trauma is actually one of the most ineffective ways to helping a child progress on his/her healing journey. In this webinar, Heather will discuss how trauma gets stored in the body and how to support and encourage a child to safely release all the built-up energy still locked within the cellular memory of your child.

Survival Energy
When a child goes through a traumatic experience, many times the completion of the flight/flight response is cut short and interrupted. The excess adrenaline that was surging in the body to help protect the child gets trapped and "freezes." When the child later experiences stress, fear, or overwhelm, this energy then "thaws" and is activated. This dormant energy is awakened and the result is often intense and disruptive behaviors and for many children, the result is aggression and violence.

Back to Happiness
In this webinar, Heather will give practical and effective strategies to help parents, educators, and mental health professionals help children impacted by trauma complete past fight/flight responses. Once a child is able to safely and completely discharge this stored-up energy, the child then becomes better equipped to handle the dynamics of being in a family and the typical demands placed on him/her at school. Finishing the unfinished business of trauma expands the child's window of stress tolerance and thus, gives the child the space to return to a calm and regulated state. Most importantly, the clearing of this survival energy opens the opportunity for happiness to come back online. Join Heather for this very important webinar to help clear the way for happiness for our children.

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